Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tennis Ball

These were taken at a tennis/pool party for a running group my brother and I were in. I didn't want to play tennis so I retrieved the balls and thought it as a great opportunity to take some pictures!


  1. Miss Zara,

    I'm afraid I can't. I don't give my personal information out to anybody I don't know. Please understand that I'm not trying to offend you!


  2. Hey Moriah,
    There is this radio station I listen to here in Sugar Land TX.
    That I thought you might enjoy they are having 5 days of God honoring
    Christmas music, played starting on the 21st of December.
    And if you can not get their station you can listen to them off
    the WEB. Here is a link > for info

    Their call letters are KHCB Keeping Him Close By.

    Signed a Brother in the Lord,


    I pray you may have a
     Merry Christmas 